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Parents should always have a role in their children’s education – make your voice heard!
Carmel Clay Schools will hold a School Board election for 3 seats (District 1, District 2, and District 3) on November 8, 2022. Voters can select one candidate from each of the three districts, meaning voters will cast their ballot for 3 total school board candidates – one from District 1, one from District 2, and one from District 3.
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Jenny Brake is a registered Republican and has voted in Republican primary elections.


Brake lists excellence in education, parental rights, and transparency has her top priorities.


Brake wants to see Carmel Clay Schools “return to academic excellence and to depart from ideologies that are rooted in special interests, dividing us, rather than uniting us.”


Visit Jenny Brake’s website and Facebook to learn more.

Jenny Brake is a mother, grandmother, and lifetime Carmel resident.

Kouka is a registered Democrat.


Kouka has shared posts defending Critical Race Theory.


Kouka retweeted a Letter to the Editor in support of abortion rights that was written by a Democratic Indiana House Candidate.


Kouka lists communication, inclusion, and safety as her top priorities.


Visit Kristin Kouka’s website and Facebook to learn more

Kristin Kouka is a mother and Speech-Language Pathologist.

Barnes is a registered Republican.


Barnes includes parental involvement among his top priorities and takes aim at district policies that have sought to sideline family involvement.


Visit Sheldon Barnes’ website and Facebook to learn more.

Sheldon Barnes is a father, Army veteran, and software engineer.

Flittner is a registered Republican.


Flittner lists transparency, strong academic curriculum, safety, and fiscal responsibility as her top priorities.


Flittner says students should be taught “how to think, not what to think” and emphasizes a focus on the fundamental subjects of math, science, history, and language arts.


Visit Stephanie Flittner’s website and Facebook to learn more.

Stephanie Flittner is a mother and attorney.


Adam Sharp is a registered Republican.


Sharp wants to see Carmel Clay Schools refocus on academic instruction, noting declining proficiency scores.


Sharp also includes transparency and parental rights as top priorities.


Visit Adam Sharp’s website and Facebook to learn more.

Adam Sharp is a father of 3 and recently retired ED physician.

Jennifer Nelson-Williams is a registered Democrat.


Nelson-Williams says inclusivity and equity are among her priorities.


Nelson-Williams has donated to Planned Parenthood and the ACLU in Facebook fundraisers.


Nelson-Williams fundraises through ActBlue, a tool “for Democratic candidates up and down the ballot.”


Nelson-Williams says she will work to “bridge the gaps in education caused by the pandemic.”


Visit Jennifer Nelson-Williams’ website and Facebook to learn more.

Jennifer Nelson-Williams is a mother of 2, incumbent School Board member, and Carmel business owner.

Lori Long is a registered Republican.


Long values equity practices.


Long says her top priorities are for students to feel “safe, valued, and understand they will be held to high expectations for academic excellence.”


Visit Lori Long’s website and Facebook to learn more.

Lori Long is a mother and educator.


Greg Brown is a registered Republican.


Brown lists parents’ rights and transparency as his top priorities.


Brown believes academic standards should not be lowered, noting, “students must be equipped with a wide skill set, including core proficiencies, technical and vocational skills, as well as ‘soft skills’ to compete in the global economy.”


Brown says values indoctrination and age-inappropriate material must be kept out of schools and students “need to learn to search for facts, study evidence, objectively analyze, and ultimately be free to form their own opinions.”


Visit Gregory Brown’s website and Facebook to learn more.

Greg Brown is a father, grandfather, and IT management professional. He is also active in his church and has served in several community volunteer positions.

Jake Nichols is a registered Republican.


Nichols says he “fully supports” Carmel Clay Schools’ Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives.


Nichols says he is “running as a slate” with fellow School Board candidates Kouka (District 1) and Nelson-Williams (District 2), both registered Democrats.


Relating to his vision, Nichols says he will bring “listening, learning, and encouragement” to the School Board.


Visit Jake Nichols’ website and Facebook to learn more.

Jake Nichols is a father and the Director of Corporate Operations at Palmer Trucks.

Need to find your polling place? Visit the Indiana Voter Portal and click “voting location.”

To confirm you live within School Board District, visit the School Board Member Boundaries Map and follow the instructions on the screen.

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